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24 Hour Pest Control Yorba Linda CA

24 Hour Pest Control Yorba Linda CA

Yorba Linda, California: Experience the Perks of Our Local 24/7 Pest Control Company

Eliminate Pest Infestations, Termite Troubles, Bed Bug Issues, and More – Trained, Accredited, Insured Experts – Request a Complimentary Estimate! Dial (800) 418-9263 or (714) 236-1200 – Eradicate, Exterminate, and Safeguard Against Pesky Pests

We offer top-notch 24-hour local pest control inspections for preventive maintenance in Yorba Linda, CA.

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We offer 24/7 Pest Control services and support in Yorba Linda, California. We serve the zip codes 92808, 92885, 92886, 92887. Inspect windows, walls, plumbing, and wires for possible entry points to prevent termite and insect infestations. Insects in Yorba Linda can bite, sting, and cause illness and damage to your home or business. Call us to exterminate pests in Yorba Linda and prevent further infestations of pests, insects, termites, bed bugs, fleas, rats, bats, and more in your Yorba Linda, CA, home, or office.

Why not hire someone in Yorba Linda for 24-hour pest control exterminator services near you?

Contact our 24/7 Pest Control Exterminators in Yorba Linda, CA, at (714) 236-1200 to eradicate termites and bugs. Local pest control treatments may yield different results than our professionals. Understanding pests in your home is crucial for effective pest control. Secure your property from problems by blocking their entry before treatment. Our services are more potent and efficient than store-bought alternatives. Save time and energy with DIY services in Yorba Linda, as finding the right supplies and multiple treatments can be tiresome.

Contact Southern California Exterminators in Yorba Linda, CA, for 24/7 Pest Control to eliminate termites and bugs.

Are you looking for the best exterminator service in Yorba Linda, California? Many companies offer quick fixes, but our team is committed to providing exceptional customer support. We go above and beyond to ensure your complete satisfaction and understanding of our work. Unlike other companies, our 24-hour exterminators in Yorba Linda, CA, will thoroughly inspect your home, identifying pests such as insects, termites, bed bugs, and more. Trust our expert exterminator services in Yorba Linda to deliver comprehensive solutions and a job well done.


We look forward to working with you!

“We’ve been using them for two years now. Our first experience was great. We just had our 2nd-year inspection. Anthony arrived on time and was very courteous and thorough. I highly recommend it.”

Carl Perkins

5 star review
“Mike came by and checked the whole area and all possible access places. He told us what to do to get rid of our little problem, which I liked. He was accommodating and informative. I liked the way Mike handled the job. No charge for the advice and told me if I didn’t get anything by next week to call him back, which I will do. I am hoping that we can take care of this ourselves. It is always nice to know that we have the right honest person we can lean on. Again Mike, thank you so much for all your help. Cypress Ca.”

Joyce McGeorge

5 star review
“I own a few homes in CA, and these guys get the job done every time. I’ve been using them for wow how long has it been??? At least seven years. Thank you for the excellent service, and I would recommend Southern CA Exterminators.”

C PortugalC Portugal

5 star review
“We have been using this company for at least ten years, everyone is always amiable, and their service is excellent. I highly recommend them you will be pleased.”

Dawn Fierro

5 star review
“My brother-in-law recommended this pest control company SO-CAL Pest near Yorba Linda, CA. I contacted the (Technician), and Shawn (Manager) and I could not have hired a better termite removal company for me and my home. They also set several traps to catch mice/rats on our property. It worked out well, but there were more because there was a hidden hole behind my dishwasher (which Shawn found).”

Randy Meier

5 star review
“Southern California Exterminators has been our pest control service exterminator in Yorba Linda for over 20 years. We use them for Both our homes, real estate properties and small businesses in the Orange County California areas, one at our current Restaurants in Yorba Linda has maintained incredibly efficient techs for maintenance. After construction, we had problems with rats, the problem was resolved quickly and efficiently, with all access points closed. They listen to any issues we have and consistently solve our problem areas. Their regular service controls our pest problems. We highly recommend Southern California Exterminators if you are looking for reliable, efficient pest control services near Yorba Linda. They are the company to call!”

George W

5 star review
“SOCAL Termite Service for Yorba Linda areas seemed to be effective. They arrived on time, gave a termite inspection, showed me where live termites were around the buildings and exposed them to me. They answered all my questions and arrived to do the extermination services for my business in Yorba Linda on time and explained everything to me so far, I haven t seen any live termites in outside the house.”

Darrell J

5 star review
“Shawn and his team at Southern California Exterminators in Yorba Linda CA were professional and arrived precisely on time for both visits. I felt that Paul knows this business very well, and we felt confident in his plan. While termite control is a long-run process, we think perfectly about the treatment choice and application and are optimistic about the long-range success. The ongoing termite inspection in Yorba Linda CA plan for the warranty seems very reasonable to us. There was no attempt to upsell or pressure into more products. I was wary of who to hire for this and feel very confident we made the right choice.”

Bob S

5 star review
“Shawn came out for a termite inspection, assessed the situation, and told me that what I was doing was already what he would recommend also gave me some other tips that would help. Didn’t charge me at all for a visit and said that if the problem didn’t go away to call him back out—top-notch pest control company in Yorba Linda, CA, with the best customer service. I highly recommend SOCAL Pest and will go with them if I need them in the future for termite removal or pest control issues in Yorba Linda.”

Jerry Peters

5 star review
“Southern California Exterminators in Yorba Linda, CA, is a God sent!! I can’t express or say enough good about their affordable pest control and termite services!! Their exterminators in Yorba Linda are very knowledgeable and thorough and very clean!!
They got rid of our termites and mosquitoes and roaches and then some!! Very reasonable, lower cost than other co. I checked with, and I would recommend Southern California Exterminators in Yorba Linda to anybody!!”

Mary P

5 star review
“My termite control service in Yorba Linda with SO-CAL PEST has been top-notch. I have regular pest control and mosquito services for my business and homes in Yorba Linda. I have an awesome exterminator guy, Shawn, who is such a blessing to work with and listens to and makes sure he takes care of all our properties in Yorba Linda for bees and wasp removal as well as the best termite maintenance package I found. And two years ago, we were dealing with a hornet/wasp infestation/ invasion in one of our Yorba Linda Houses, and SO-CAL PEST and Shawn took the time to kill and exterminate HUNDREDS OF WASPS that had made a home in the house exterior foyer! If you are looking for a consistent, quality-driven pest control company in Orange County, I highly recommend SOCAL PEST.”

Michael Bigdata

5 star review
“I’ve been a Southern California Exterminator Customer in Yorba Linda for over ten years now. I’m pleased with all aspects of their pest control services for my home in the Yorba Linda area. Their exterminators are gentlemen, respectful of my family, and our home. Shawn takes the time to listen and offer his professional opinion. I like the familiarity and consistency of a locally owned pest control company in the Yorba Linda area. Excellent customer service.”

John Delvecchio

5 star review

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