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Bed Bugs

General Information

Bed bugs are a common problem found in various places, such as houses, hotels, schools, hospitals, and more. These tiny insects use their straw-like mouthparts to feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals, including humans. Adult bed bugs are oval-shaped, flat, and wingless, measuring about 4-5 mm long and 1.5-3 mm wide. When hungry, they appear light brown, but after feeding, their abdomen becomes a bright red, red-brown, or blackish.
While they may resemble small cockroaches, there are some key differences. Bed bugs exclusively feed on blood and do not scavenge for human food like cockroaches do. They are also primarily active at night and hide during the day. Although their bites are usually painless, they can cause intense itching for several days. Disturbing or crushing them can release a strong and unpleasant musky odor. Additionally, bed bugs leave behind dark stains, known as fecal spots, on sheets and bedding.
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If you need bed bug control in Orange County, CA, It is essential to quickly identify and address the problem to effectively deal with a bed bug infestation. Seeking professional help or using proven pest control methods can help eliminate these pests and prevent future infestations.

Life Cycle

Bed bugs go through three different stages in their life cycle: egg, nymph, and adult. Adult females lay their eggs on rough, dry surfaces near their hiding places in singles or small clusters. The eggs hatch after one to four weeks, and the nymphs then search for a host animal to feed on. As the nymphs eat and grow, they shed their skin and replace it with a new one in a process known as molting. With each molt, the nymphs increase in size until they reach full adulthood, typically after four to six weeks. RE: bed bug extermination in Orange County, This transformation from one body form to another is known as metamorphosis.

Bed Bug Bites

During the night, bed bugs emerge from their hiding spots to feed on their host animals while they sleep. Using their long mouthparts, they inject saliva into the skin to digest blood cells, which they drink. As they fill their abdomen with blood, it changes color from bright red to dark red-brown or blackish. After feeding, they retreat to their hiding spots. While they typically feed every 5-10 days, they can survive for up to 8 months without a meal.
Unlike other insects that feed on human blood, bed bugs do not transmit any disease-causing bacteria or viruses. Their bites can elicit different reactions in individuals. Some people may not show any signs of being bitten, while others may only realize they've been bitten when they notice a rash, redness, swelling, and sometimes intense itching around the bite area.


Need bed bug control in Huntington Beach? Bed bugs are primarily active during the nighttime and are skilled at concealing themselves in dark areas throughout the day. They typically seek refuge in narrow crevices, between mattresses and box springs, bed frames, and headboards, and between cushions on couches and chairs. While less common, they can also be found in dressers, nightstands, luggage, electrical outlets, and amidst clutter. Once they infest a room, they often spread to neighboring rooms.
Individuals with a heightened sense of smell may be able to detect the unpleasant musky odor emitted by bed bugs. In addition to experiencing bite symptoms, other indications of their presence include spotting fecal stains, blood smears on sheets, and discarded exoskeletons.

Prevention and Control

Following proper sanitation practices and remaining diligent is essential to prevent bed bug infestation. Regularly inspecting your surroundings is crucial, as bed bugs can be found everywhere. Look for tiny white oval eggs, brownish bed bugs, yellowish shed skins, and black fecal spots.
If you suspect exposure to bed bugs, take immediate action to prevent infestation. Wash and dry your clothes on high heat and run them through the dryer again for at least 20 minutes. For items that cannot be machine-dried, consider dry cleaning. Additionally, place non-washable items like shoes in sealable plastic bags and freeze them overnight to kill any potential bed bugs.
Only bring used or discarded furniture or clothing into your home after thoroughly inspecting them for bed bugs. As mentioned before, washing, or freezing these items is crucial to prevent infestation.
If you need bed bug removal in Orange County and discover bed bugs in your home, it is essential not to attempt to control them yourself. Over-the-counter products are ineffective when it comes to eliminating infestations. Instead, it is best to contact a licensed professional pest control company with expertise in bed bug management to handle the situation. By following these practices and seeking professional help, you can effectively prevent and manage bed bug infestations.

Tips for Traveling

  • Use sealable plastic bags to pack clean clothing and toiletries in your luggage and bring additional bags for dirty clothes.
  • Always inspect the room and bedding for bed bugs before staying or sleeping in a new place. Lift mattress corners and turn back bedding to check for signs of infestation.
  • If you find bed bugs, inform the management, and ask for another room or choose to switch hotels. Avoid & spot treatment and insist on professional pest control treatment.
  • Avoid placing luggage on the floor or bed. Use a luggage rack or the bathtub instead.
  • Keep belongings in your suitcase instead of unpacking.
  • Seal dirty clothes in plastic bags for washing later.
  • Before leaving the hotel, inspect your luggage for bed bugs.
  • When you return home, leave your luggage in the garage or outdoors, not inside your home.
  • Take out items one by one and inspect them for bed bugs. Immediately wash clothes and other items as described above.
  • After emptying your luggage, vacuum the items and store them in sealable plastic bags, preferably in the garage.
  • Make sure to hire a bed bug management company with prior experience.

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