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Identifying and Preventing Termites

What are termites, and how do they damage buildings?

Termites are destructive pests that feed on wood, causing extensive damage to the structure of homes and businesses. They are a nightmare for property owners and can cost billions in yearly repairs. Unfortunately, most insurance policies do not cover termite damage. Two common termite species in our area are dry wood and subterranean termites. Drywood termites feed on undamaged wood, while subterranean termites prefer water-damaged or decaying wood. Discover the signs of termite damage in Orange County. Call (714) 236-1200 or (800) 418-9263. Southern California Exterminators
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Are termites harmful?

Termites pose no direct health risks to humans, as they rarely come into contact with people. However, their ability to silently invade and damage structures over time makes them dangerous!
Termite swarms are a common way homeowners discover an infestation. Swarms occur when a mature colony releases flying termites, typically in the spring. Spotting flying termites or discarded wings near your home clearly indicates a nearby termite colony. Contact a professional at the first sign of an infestation.

Why do I have a termite infestation?

Termites are attracted to properties with damp soil and abundant wood and plant materials. If you have termites in or around your home, it could indicate an underlying moisture issue that needs to be addressed.
Termites can become a problem for homeowners entering homes while searching for food. They gain access through small cracks in the foundation or via wood in direct contact with the ground. Drywood termites, on the other hand, do not require moisture and are attracted to dry wood. They infest homes and buildings by entering through already-infested wood or furniture.

Where can termites be found?

Termites can be found in various places depending on their species. Subterranean termites, for example, don't live inside the wood they eat. They travel between their underground nest and the wooden structures they feed on, such as the wood behind walls or under floors. They can eventually move to wood located above ceilings.
On the other hand, dry wood termites do nest within the wood they feed on. Unlike subterranean termites, drywood termites have smaller colonies but are more efficient feeders. They can be found in wooden structures like beams, antique furniture, wood framing, and picture frames.

How do I eliminate termites from my property?

Contact Southern California Exterminators, one of our area's oldest family-run pest control companies in Orange County CA. Our professionals will eliminate termites and prevent re-infestations in your southern Los Angeles or Orange County property. Reach out today to learn more about our termite control services!

How to Prevent Termites in the Future: Tips from Southern California Exterminators

Preventing termites and other pests can be challenging, but you can take steps to minimize the risks. By following these tips, in addition to seeking professional help, you can decrease the likelihood of termite infestations:
  1.  Remove excess foliage, decaying wood mulch, fallen trees, and tree stumps from your yard. These can attract termites as a food source.
  2. Address moisture issues on your property. Fix leaky pipes and ensure that shrubbery is trimmed away from your home's exterior walls and foundation. Termites are drawn to moisture, so reducing it helps prevent infestations.
  3. Keep your gutters clean to prevent water from spilling over and seeping into your walls, creating damp environments where termites thrive.
  4. Create a barrier of crushed rock between your foundation and any soil or mulch, with a width of at least 12-18 inches. This helps deter termites from accessing your home.
  5. Avoid overwatering your lawn and garden, as excess moisture can attract subterranean termites.
  6. Use exhaust fans, dehumidifiers, and air conditioners to regulate humidity levels inside your home. Termites prefer humid environments, so lowering humidity can discourage their presence.
  7. Keep crawlspaces well-ventilated and wood debris-free, as stagnant air and wood materials are attractive to termites.
  8. Before bringing furniture, structural wood, or other wooden items into your home, inspect them for signs of termite damage. This step is essential for new purchases.


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